Welcome to my new cup collection site for the benefit of the illy cup collectors and site visitors interested in the illy and amici artist cup collections.

An opening quote directly from the wonderful illycaffé S.p.A. site, creator of the collection cups. They capture the words best!!

"When culture becomes art - The dedication applied to the process of research and the work towards constant improvement, which have made the illy espresso unique in the world, come close to being artistic creation.
The intuition to unite the sensorial pleasure of a perfect espresso with the esthetics of a work of art resulted in the first series of decorated cups in 1992.
From then on each year famous and emerging comtemporary artists have been using the illy cups as if they were actual walls on which to express their own personal expressional and conceptual styles to create original masterpieces.
They are not simply decorated cups, but rather original masterpieces of contemporary art issued by illycaffè."